Popular Bakery Products Are Being Recalled Across Parts Of Canada For Contamination Due To A Mice Infestation

We're all well aware that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issues recalls on food that's been contaminated. As of late we've seen it all, right? Listeria contamination, Salmonella, possible allergens, illness outbreaks, the list goes on. But sometimes there's one recall on a food product that you typically use everyday, that makes you want to ditch eating it and never look back.

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TL;DR The CFIA issued an immediate recall over the weekend on "Betty brand and Nancy's Fancy Yummy-in-the-Tummy" brand bakery products after it was discovered that the manufacturing plant was contaminated with mice. Both Quebec and Ontario are affected by the recall that warns consumers should get rid of the products ASAP. More details below.

Unfortunately, this time you're going to want to start skipping this popular bakery product. Especially if you live in either Ontario or Quebec.

Over the weekend the CFIA issued an immediate recall on Betty brand and Nancy's Fancy Yummy-in-the-Tummy brand bakery products. Multiple products have been listed as unsafe to eat and have the potential to contain harmful bacteria.

Why? Well, it turns out that these products were contaminated by a mice infestation while in the manufacturing plant.

The affected products were made atLes Services Alimentaires Firouz Inc. in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Products were then stocked and sold in grocery stores across both Quebec and Ontario until February 8, 2019. 


Recalled products include bakery foods such as ciabatta bread, cinnamon buns, hotdog and hamburger rolls, pizza crust, raisin buns, and more. If you think you have one of the brand products at home, click HERE for the full list of contaminated items.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is recommending that you call your doctor ASAP if you believe you've become sick after consuming one of these products. There have been no reported illness so far due to contaminated products, but consumers should still return affected items to the store immediately or else throw them out.

With the CFIA still conducting an investigation, more products may be recalled in the near future. Stay tuned for more information.


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