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Pornhub Has Revealed The Top Search Terms In Canada For 2018

Turns out Canadians have a very diverse range of tastes...
Pornhub Has Revealed The Top Search Terms In Canada For 2018

Every December as the year comes to a close, websites have the chance to look back on the last twelve months and take stock of their data. For a site like Pornhub, that means publishing their list of top search terms in Canada for 2018.

Thanks to PornHub, we now know that ‘MILF’ replaced ‘lesbian’ as Canada’s most searched term in 2018.

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TL;DR PornHub has released their annual Year in Review where they break down data insights and search trends for the year and for each country. 

Pornhub should do a yearly wrap like Spotify. That'd teach us.

December 11, 2018

Pornhub considers several categories when diving into search insights. First, they rank the top 12 search terms of the year by country and also consider how those searched terms changed from the year prior.

In Canada, we now know that 'MILF' surpassed 'lesbian,' while 'big ass,' jumped up 20 points from the ranking last year.

Top trending searches include 'anime' along with 'asmr,' the internet phenomenon that caught YouTube by (a more innocent) storm this year.

I’m 2018’s

#1 Most Searched Gay Porn star by WOMEN on @Pornhub

Honored! 🥇

December 11, 2018

The top 5 porn stars searched by Canadians this year are Riley Reid, Mila Khalifa, Stormy Daniels, Asa Akira and Adriana Chechik.

The top 5 categories frequented by Canadians were: 'lesbian,' 'milf,' 'threesome,' 'anal,' and 'mature.'

What seems most noteworthy about this data is the undeniable presence of multiculturalism in Canada's search terms. Included in the list of top searches are the terms, 'chinese,' 'indian,' and 'korean.' Now, whether this is a mark of our diversity or a sign of fetishizing is another discussion.

PornHub also considers the top relative categories, which note the percentage of views for each country compared to the rest of the world. The top relative category in Canada is 'asian,' which is 60% more popular in Canada than the rest of the world.

This is interesting when compared with a country like France, where the top three searches of 2018 are 'française,' 'french,' and 'maman française,' with four other French-focused search terms also making it onto France's top 12 searches of the year. 

Germany also counts nationalistic search terms as their top two ('german' and deutsch'), as does Italy ('amatoriale Italiano' and 'Italiana').

Pornhub 2018 top searches include Fortnite, Spider-Man, Elastigirl via @CNET

December 11, 2018

Regardless of what this data says about Canadians, I'm just glad 'fortnite' wasn't on our list.

Take a look at the data breakdown below in this infographic from Pornhub.

Via PornHub

Take a look at the global results here. This link is safe for work.

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