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Pornhub Just Called Out Justin Bieber On Instagram

Turns out Pornhub is a Habs fans.
Pornhub Just Called Out Justin Bieber On Instagram

Pornhub is ready to fight Bieber over Bieber's support of the Leafs in what is probably the single greatest thing to come out of the playoffs this year.

The pop star posted about the Toronto Maple Leafs on Instagram on April 23, before the ill-fated big game, when the Leafs proceeded to lose 5-1.

Pornhub, a company based in Montreal, was quick to reply to the singer and profess their love for the Habs. If nothing else, at least the Habs have the power of porn on their side.

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TL;DR Pornhub was quick to shoot down Justin Bieber when he showed his support for the Leafs on April 23. Habs forever!

Bieber posted this photo to Instagram on April 23:

The caption reads, "Dear lord please be with Austin Mathews, Mitch Marner and all of the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight as they play game 7 against the Boston bruins."

Pornhub's social media account was quick to tell Bieber what is really up. "GET OUT OF HERE JUSTIN," they commented, "HABS FOREVER."

from Habs

A Reddit post which called attention to this gathered a lot of reaction.

Some people have been having fun with what PornHub might do if the Habs ever won. "They should totally rename the site to PornHabs (at least the banners) when we win," said one comment.

Pornhub is a sub-division of MindGeek, a Montreal-based company. Because Pornhub's headquarters are in Montreal. it doesn't come as a surprise that they are Habs fans.

It's nice to know that Pornhub is on the right side of history on this one. Habs forever, baby.


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