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Potentially Deadly Condition Associated With 16 Dog Food Brands Sold In Canada, FDA Warns

Make sure you're not harming your dog with these 16 brands.
Dog eating dog food.

We all want what’s best for our four-legged friends, but according to an alarming new alert by the FDA, what we’re feeding our dogs may be killing them.

The US Food and Drug Administration began its investigation into the connection between certain diets for our doggos and canine heart disease, also called DCM. They have now identified 16 dog-food brands that are most frequently associated with DCM.  

The majority of these brands are labelled as “grain free” and contain peas, potatoes and/or lentils as their main ingredient.  

The 16 brands listed were linked to 560 cases of DCM in dogs, with 119 resulting in death between 2014 and April 2019. Even our cats aren't safe. During that same period, 14 cases with cats were linked to a total of 5 deaths. 

The dog-food brand identified by the FDA as possibly hazardous include (also included are the number of cases reported): 

  • Acana: 67
  • Zignature: 64
  • Taste of the Wild: 53
  • 4Health: 32
  • Earthborn Holistic: 32
  • Blue Buffalo: 31
  • Nature’s Domain: 29
  • Fromm: 24
  • Merrick: 16
  • California Natural: 15
  • Natural Balance: 15
  • Orijen: 12
  • Nature’s Variety: 11
  • NutriSource: 10
  • Nutro: 10
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish: 10

All of these brands are available in Canada, according to CTV.

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Most of the brands were quick to refute the findings.

Champion Petfoods, which owns Arcana and Orijen, were quick to contest the FDA alert: "We think it is misleading for the FDA to post the names of brands, while at the same time fully stating that they have no scientific evidence linking diet to DCM. We feel this will only serve to further confuse Pet Lovers."

Zignature responded immediately with a post on their site: "The FDA issued the June 27th update, even though it has no definitive answers yet, to solicit additional reports from pet owners and veterinarians to help further its investigation.  

In dogs, DCM weakens the heart and causes the muscle walls to thin which can result in heart failure. If your dog seems tired, collapses or is losing weight, it's time to consult your veterinarian. 

To read the full CBC article, click here

To read the full FDA report, click here

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