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Poutine + Brie Cheese + Lamb Chops = The Grilled Lamb Chop Poutine

Poutineville steps up its culinary game.
Poutine + Brie Cheese + Lamb Chops = The Grilled Lamb Chop Poutine

Poutineville is migrating to Toronto, and the renowned Montreal resto-chain is bringing along some fancy-ass poutine creations, including a grilled lamb and brie poutine. We're just left wondering, why the hell does Toronto get a grilled lamb chop poutine and we dont?

Set to open in later in July, the Toronto version of Poutineville is trying to go for a ritzy vibe, branching off from the simple diner atmosphere we know in Montreal. To go along with the higher-end poutine focus, the resto will offer some pretty swanky toppings and concoctions.

The grilled lamb chop poutine (w/ tomatoes, onions,mushrooms, grilled lamb chops, baked brie and feta with a wine sauce) is one of the new and fancy poutines to be served at the Toronto location, whch will cost around $21. Some other pricey and indulgent toppings set to grace the menu include foie gras, duck, slow-cooked braised beef and lobster.

A prime rib poutine is also in the works, which looks similarly delicious, as you can see below.

In Montreal, the fanciest poutine Poutineville offers is the filet mignon poutine which costs $16 for a large. Still, it ain't no $21 lamb-brie poutine, which makes us a little peeved that Toronto, and not Montreal, the home of all things poutine, gets to mack on that while we're just chopped liver...although chopped liver would also be delicious on a poutine.

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