"Poutine Burritos" Are The Tortilla Wrapped Piece Of Heaven You Never Knew Existed

Mexico meets Montreal.
"Poutine Burritos" Are The Tortilla Wrapped Piece Of Heaven You Never Knew Existed

Throw any food inside of a tortilla, wrap it up, and you can call it a burrito, as long as it's about the size and weight of a newborn baby, which is the unofficial burrito-prerequisite. The same can even be said for the mighty poutine, which has been encased in a thin Mexican flat bread to become "The Poutine Burrito."

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Dubbed the poutito, or pouto by certain sites that actually new this combination existed, the new food beast may actually solve the only issue with poutines, namely that they aren't that portable. A beautiful hot mess of cheese, fries, and gravy, poutines must be eaten with a fork and in some form of container, though that isn't the case anymore.

Created by Block 16 in Omaha, the poutine burrito was first made 4 years ago. One of Black 16's owners is a Canadian expat, and so brought the magic of poutine to Nebraska in a brand new and delicious form.

With a poutine burrito, the tortilla acts as protection between your hand and hot gravy, letting you enjoy a poutine on the go, though in truth, if you're eating one of these while walking about, you'll no doubt be forced to sit your ass down to digest the 5lbs of cheesy-carbs you just ingested.

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The poutine burrito pic'd above, includes shaved steak, B16-sauce gravy, cheese curds, tater tots in place of fries, and malt vinegar ketchup all wrapped in a tortilla and grilled for good measure. How one of Montreal's burrito shops haven't created one of these bad boy burritos is beyond me, they just better get on it sooner rather than later.

Instagram food king The Vulgar Chef also has a more bare-boned version of the poutine burrito, pic'd below, which honestly looks just as tasty.

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