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Poutine + Eggs Benedict = The Eggs Benedict Poutine

Poutine for breakfast is God's way of saying you're welcome.
Poutine + Eggs Benedict = The Eggs Benedict Poutine

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Poutine is an anytime meal, literally. With the right toppings and additions, the classic 3am Montreal-meal can easily be taken from late night to early morning, as proven with the Eggs Benedict Poutine. Purists may say toppings on a poutine are superflous, but to them we say "suck to suck" 'cuz this breakfast poutine looks beyond legit.

This poutine-for-breakfast (from ThisIsWhyYoureFat, fittingly) features the necessary trinity of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy, with the eggs benny-additions of a a poached egg, bacon, and Hollandaise sauce. Crunchy bacon to round out the soppy fries, an ooey egg combining with the brown gravy and creamy Hollandaise, plus the squeaky delight of the cheese curds have us drooling in the AM.

Truly, the Eggs Benedict Poutine is the breakfast/brunch of champions, and you can eat like a champ sooner than you may think. Montreal's very own Fabergé has been doing their own breakfast poutine for a good while, and is quite similar to the benny poutine.

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Fabergé's breakfast poutine uses home fries instead of french fries (for more of a breakfast feel), includes carmelized onions and peppers, but still covers everything in Hollandaise with an egg (any style) topping it off. Pulled pork, bacon, ham or sausage can be added (always awesome) meaning you can get close to the entire flavour profile of the Eggs Benedict Poutine any morning of the week. Rejoice.

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