Poutines From Around The World That Montreal Needs To Adopt

Internationally inspired poutine with flavours from around the world.
Poutines From Around The World That Montreal Needs To Adopt

Montreal is hands-down the poutine capital of the world, but that hasn't stopped cities from around the globe from adopting our fabulous signature dish. The more the merrier when it comes to poutine, as other nations have imbued their cultural flavours into the poutine to recreate what is already perfect. You can't beat the original, but these international poutines sure as hell come close. Scroll through to see poutine creations from all corners of the world, some of which we better see in Montreal sometime soon.

The All-American Brisket Poutine

'Healthy' Sweet Potato Poutine

Sponge Cake + White Chocolate Chips + Jam = The Dessert Poutine

Italian-style Gnocchi Poutine in Short Rib Ragu

Le Goat Cheese Pesto Poutine

Greek Poutine w/ Oven-Baked Fries, Feta, and Olives

Say Hello To Curry w/ The Indian Inspired Poutine

Tatertots instead of fries = The Midwestern Poutine

Straight From Naples is the Poutine Pizza

Get Some Asian Flair with The Poutine Izakaya

Deconstructed Poutine Potato Skins

More Carbs Please! It's the Poutinewich

The Vladamir Poutine, Made w/ Russian Bear Meat

Last but not Least: Squash Poutine w/ Kimchi

Which poutine do you want to eat most?

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