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Poutine + Grilled Cheese = The Poutine Grilled Cheese

The poutine grilled cheese is the answer to your food prayers.
Poutine + Grilled Cheese = The Poutine Grilled Cheese

The gods of culinary debauchery have smiled upon us lowly foodies. Divine inspiration has come to the author of 'BS in the Kitchen' who has crafted what can only be the holiest of foods: "The poutine grilled cheese". No, you're not hallucinating. A fusion of two of Montreal's most famous comfort foods have fused to form what is the most epic of snack-age/drunchies/any meal of the day. All hail the poutine grilled cheese.

You can make this magical creation pretty easily in the comfort of your home. Its basically like making a grilled cheese, just with added poutine ingredients. Use cheese curds instead of the typical Kraft singles, smother the bread in gravy, and throw some french fries in between the bread. Simple enough and utterly delicious. Get the full step by step recipe here.

Right now, it doesn't look like the poutine grilled cheese is available in any restaurants, diners, or food trucks, but hopefully that won't last long. Until the city catches on, get making it for yourself. Personally, I think this dish needs to be on the menu of Le Cheese Truck.

What do you think of the poutine grilled cheese? Best thing ever or a little too gluttonous? Tell us your food-thoughts in the comments below.

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