Poutine + Jerk Chicken = The Jerk Chicken Poutine

Caribbean meets Quebecois.
Poutine + Jerk Chicken = The Jerk Chicken Poutine

Caribbean cuisine and Montreal's most famous food have joined forces to bring you the ultimate meal, whether it be lunch, dinner, or 3am. Perhaps the most famous Caribbean dish, Jerk Chicken, and the beloved Montreal poutine are now locked together in a lipsmacking love affair of deliciousness called the Jerk Chicken Poutine.

Montreal Chef Jae-Anthony of Seasoned Dreams is the culinary craftsman behind the Jerk Chicken Poutine. Inspired by Montreal's food culture, Anthony thought the poutine would be complimented by the flavours of a traditional Carribean dish like jerk chicken. We've eaten this bad boy, and we can attest to it being straight up sublime.

Traditional red potatoes deep fried and doused with vanilla extract act as the french fry base, which is then topped with a zesty gravy, cheddar cheese, and very healthy amount of succulent jerk chicken. Bursting with flavour, the jerk spice is complimented by the cheese and potatoes, with the specially created gravy tying the whole dish together.

You can try it yourself by heading to the Seasoned Dreams FB page and ordering some Jerk Chicken Poutine, you know you want to.

Will you be eating a Jerk Chicken Poutine?

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