Poutine Pizza Pops Are Actually Being Sold In Montreal

The most Canadian snack ever created.
Poutine Pizza Pops Are Actually Being Sold In Montreal

In case you didn't know, Pizza Pockets are no longer being sold in Canada.

Instead they are being replaced by these "gourmet" versions called Marché Pizza Pockets’ and ‘Marché Protein Pop-Ables."

It's basically a cheap ploy to make pizza pockets seem healthier than they actually are.

But when it comes to frozen pizza pastries, the average person isn't deluded enough to think they can actually be made healthy.

That's why we in Montreal do the opposite. We take 2 unhealthy things and combined them into one heart attack inducing monstrosity.

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Luckily, Pillsbury isn't as insane as McCain, so they've kept there products as is and even added a new particularly unhealthy option.

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God bless their heart. (Which is no doubt clogged with cheese by now.)

And this snack has Montreal written all over it.

Presenting the new Poutine Pizza Pops!

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like.

A Pizza pop stuffed with a poutine.

Because we're busy people, and sometimes our lifestyle doesn't allow us to ingest the 3 poutines a day recommended by Canadian physicians.

Also forks, sometimes you don't can't find a fork. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a poutine on the go.


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