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Poutine + Pizza = The Poutine Pizza

When everyone's two favourite foods collide.
Poutine + Pizza = The Poutine Pizza

I'll have both!

As college students here in Montreal, we are constantly eating poutine and pizza. Choosing which one to get is always a tough decision because both are so irresistable. Well now, you don't have to decide anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the pizza poutine. This incredible poutine is made with fries, cheese, pepperoni, and spices you'd find on a pizza. It would taste like both pizza and poutine, and would definitely qualify as heaven in your mouth. Here are a few options of this mouthwatering dish.

We have the pizza look alike poutine coated with grease and topped off with sauce.

The more cheese please poutine which is making us drooll!

The take-out pizza poutine that would fit in perfectly with a few beers on a Friday night.

And finally, the homemade pizza poutine. Made at home, everyday of the week.  Try it out with different toppings!


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