Poutine Ranked #1 New Food Trend For 2015

The rest of the world is finally catching on.
Poutine Ranked #1 New Food Trend For 2015

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Poutine is not a trend in Montreal; the fry-gravy-curd trinity is an essential part of every Montrealers life. No one in the city "hates poutine" (and if they do they must be from Toronto) and the fact that you can get a hot mess of cheesy carbs on literally every street corner demonstrates the city-wide love for the dish. Poutine isn't going anywhere in Montreal, but it does look like cities overseas are finally getting on the poutine-bandwagon.

In a ranking of "10 food trend predictions for 2015"by BBC, poutine took the number one spot, which comes as no surprise to you, I'm sure, because you know how amazing poutine is. Described as "serious comfort food," the write-up comments on how new additions to the basic poutine trio, like pulled pork and kimchi, are becoming a thing. Obviously this writer has never heard of La Banquise.

Beating out 9 other potential 2015 food trends, poutine is finally getting the international recognition it deserves. See what other food trends made the list below and the full article here.

1. Poutine

2. The "new" burger (sliders, posh burgers, etc.)

3. Brinner (breakfast for dinner)

4. Lithuanian food

5. Waffles

6. Lard (sure, why not)

7. Shrubs

8. All-dessert "pudding" restaurants

9. South African food

10. Lobster

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