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Poutine Ranked #3 Best Hearty Food In the World

A prideful meal indeed.
Poutine Ranked #3 Best Hearty Food In the World

Photo cred - Sieuw Grégoire

Cold and snow are here, officially, and we're all a little blue and chilly (in the bad way) about the serious drop in temperature. What we could all use right now is a little comfort, which is best found in food, of course. Huffington Post knows that every person needs a little comfort food when winter hits, and so ranked The World's Best Hearty Food and Where to Eat It, with poutine getting the 3rd spot.

How the mighty poutine didn't top this list is beyond us, as the fries-gravy-cheese trio is beyond comforting, it is magic in the form of food. Whether you're getting over a breakup, way too drunk at 3am, or just looking for an excuse to break your diet with some ol' fashion carbs, poutine is the answer.

Some cred we do need to give to HuffPost is their recommendations that first-time poutine eaters (they do exist) shouldn't go all La Banquise about it and throw a bunch of toppings on the dish. The original and unsullied poutine trinity is the best way to enjoy the dish, at least for the first few times. You need to get that base poutine taste first, before you add anything else.

See how the poutine stacked up against the world's other hearty comfort foods (and drinks) in the HuffPost list below.

  1. Steak & Guinness pie: Ireland
  2. Bibimbap: Korea
  3. Poutine: Quebec
  4. Goulash: Czech Republic
  5. Fondue: Switzerland
  6. Hot chocolate: Bruges
  7. White glögg: Sweden

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