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Poutine + Ribs + Gnocchi = The Tastiest Poutine On Earth

When pasta and poutine collide.
Poutine + Ribs + Gnocchi = The Tastiest Poutine On Earth

Photo cred - bourbonnatrixcooks

Pasta and poutine are much more alike than you'd think. Both are covered in sauce, topped with a ton of cheese (if your pasta ain't cheesy you're doing it wrong), and are a comfort dish specific to a certain culture. The major difference would be in the carb, as french fries are a far cry from pasta. Bridging the gap are gnocchi, little pasta ball made out of potato, not wheat, making it the only pasta capable of being a part of a legit poutine, like the Short Rib Gnocchi Poutine by Closet Cooking.

The pasta dish fills out the poutine trinity quite nicely. Instead of gravy you have a short rib ragu, and while it is predominately tomoato-based, there are enough meat juices to qualify it as a type of gravy. Gnocchi, being a potato-based pasta as already mentioned, fulfills the potato portion, and old fashioned cheese curds round out the trio, just as it does with any normal poutine.

All combined, you have a dish that fuses the best flavours of Quebec and Italian cuisine. A little more fancy than you're standard poutine, you can definitely serve this dish at a dinner party without anyone scoffing about it being déclassé, and you still got all of the magical poutine flavours you love.

Check out the decadence below, and head over to the original recipe to see how you can make a Short Rib Gnocchi Poutine yourself.

Photo creds - closetcooking

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