Poutine + Sushi = The Sushi Poutine

The worlds two greatest foods unite!
Poutine + Sushi = The Sushi Poutine

Photo cred - blogandthecity.com

You may call us poutine-obsessed (which would be far from wrong) but we only talk about Montreal's signature dish so much because the city/the interwebs keep on giving insane poutine-creations to talk about. Case in point: The Sushi Poutine.

A harmonious clash of cuisine cultures created by chef Geneviève Everell of Sushi à la Maison, The Sushi Poutine is one of many of the very creative sushi dishes Everell makes on the regular. This particular Montreapanese dish was made for Blog and the City's Steph Larocque, and we bow down to her for making this cheese curd-gravy-sushi a reality.

Based off of Everell's original Sushi Poutine posting, the Montreal-rolls are filled with duck confit, tempura-battered french fries, topped with cheese curds and then doused in gravy for the full poutine-effect. No need for soya sauce when you got a mini-flood of gravy topping your sushi, that's for sure. Wasabi, well that'd be a welcome addition.

Sushi Poutine, along with other insane sushi-creations like maple pecan-kiwi, pesto and teriyaki, General Thai chicken, tofu grilled cheese, and many more could be brought right to your home. Check out Sushi à la Maison to see how you can make your birthday/event/munch out a journey into all things sushi.

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