Poutine Tacos Are The Explosions Of Flavour You Never Knew Existed

Quebecois meets Mexican. Again.
Poutine Tacos Are The Explosions Of Flavour You Never Knew Existed

Once the world was blessed with the poutine burrito, we knew it wouldn't be long until Mexican and Quebecois food cultures collided once again to create yet another magical fusion of flavour.

Well the wait is over folks, and it's our pleasure to introduce you to the poutine taco, the latest addition to "Quebexican" culinary creations.

Created by Victor Albisu of Taco Bamba, a Mexican takeout counter in Falls Church, Virgina, the poutine taco is officially titled "La Poutina" and was introduced to the resto's menu only a few short weeks ago.

As you could expect, the reaction from customers was a resounding "dayummmmm dat's delicious," as is usually the case with anything poutine-related.

Not simply some fries and cheese thrown into a taco shell, La Poutina respects its dual culinary heritage. At the tacos base is a handful of spiced fries then topped with barbacoa jus, cotija cheese, escabeche (read: pickled) onion, and a healthy dousing of chipotle mayo.

A vegetarian version is also available, as the meat can be substituted with chipotle-mushroom jus if you ask.

Unfortunately for all of us here in Montreal, getting our hands on these bad boys is a little difficult, given that Taco Bomba is in an entirely different country. Still, we can vicariously enjoy the poutine tacos through the photos below, and pray a taqueria in the city crafts their own version super soon.

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