Poutineville Has $1 Poutine Today At Their All-New Location

Now that's a GRAND opening.
Poutineville Has $1 Poutine Today At Their All-New Location

While there are countless "boutique" poutine spots that you can try a multitude of poutine styles, if you want to remove the risk and go for a tried-and-true poutine location, Poutineville is always there.

Even better, they've just opened a new location in Montreal, to add to their numerous Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto locations.

And you know what they do when they open a new location? They sell their poutine for a dollar.

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TL;DR As part of their Grand Opening celebrations, Poutineville is offering $1 poutines at their all-new Montreal location on Queen Mary.

The Grand Opening of Poutineville's new location will be ushered in to Montreal with poutine for only $1 when you purchase a drink (alcoholic or not).

The new location can be found at 5405 chemin Queen Mary in Montreal's NDG/Hampstead neighbourhood and you can cash in on this deal until 11 PM tonight.

While I don't want to get your hopes up, it does look like customers will be able to choose from any of the brands "staple poutines," so you may be able to venture away from the classic to one of Poutineville's other delicious creations.

Someone did ask this question on the Facebook event page (linked below), but there hasn't been a response to the post, so there is no certainty that you can get any poutine on the menu...

When I spoke with the manager at the Parc ave Poutineville location, they seemed to believe it was only the classic poutine that was available for $1, so manage expectations.

But if you can, consider the Zeus, pictured above, which features cheese curds, feta, gyro meat, tomatoes, red onions and red wine sauce. 

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Or go with a Montreal fave and try the Smoked Meat poutine that also comes with mushrooms, "house sauce," melted swiss cheese and a breaded pickle. 

For full details, head to the Facebook event page or their official site.