Poutineville’s Cabane A Sucre Poutine Is Too Intense For You To Eat Alone

Poutine and pancake lovers unite!

Photo Creds - La Poutine Week

Here in Montreal, poutine is no joke. We don’t waste our time with box made gravy and limp French fries. When we eat poutine, it better be on point. We’re talking fresh cut fries, succulent cheese curds and flavorful homemade gravy. We expect nothing less than that. Generally we also amp up our poutine with some complimentary toppings and side dishes tailored to our refined French fry palette.

This is why Poutineville’s Cabane à sucre poutine is so exciting. It takes the classic Montreal dish and reimagines it. This masterpiece appears to be breakfast oriented, containing eggs, a side of beans and a pancake layer on the bottom. There also appears to ham, bacon, gravy and much more to make up a pile of delicious poutine.

Cabane a sucre season is approaching very quickly and this poutine is a great way to gear up for what’s to come! We have to get our bellies ready for that greasy goodness and thankfully Poutineville has us covered.

If you’re interested in more poutine porn check out La Poutine Week’s Facebook page. They have all the best dishes from all over the country posted on there, leading up to the big event! And if you’re curious to see what else Poutineville has to offer, check out their Facebook page and Instagram!

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