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Powerful Pictures Of A Pregnant Woman Lifting Weights

Having a baby is no excuse to stop lifting.
Powerful Pictures Of A Pregnant Woman Lifting Weights

Being hungover can never be an excuse to not hit the gym, at least not when we got 8 1/2 month pregnant women still working the weights. Lee-Ann Ellison, expectant mother of soon-to-be three children, doesn't use being pregnant as an excuse to be lazy and demand foods at an hour of the day. No, she just shrugs it all off and lifts her pregnant-self up to do some pull ups.

Set to give birth in two weeks, Ellison has continued her cross fit training despite words of concern from her physician. Intense physical exercise could harm her unborn child, given the intense amount of muscular strain she's placing on her body. On the other hand, have you ever seen such a fit pregnant women, ever?

Is Ellison's obsession with exercise harming her child? Is she actively dismantling the 'inactive pregnancy' stereotype? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

Source - The Telegraph

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