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One Woman's Pregnancy Journey Through Selfies

Sophie Starzenski documents her 9 months before motherhood.
One Woman's Pregnancy Journey Through Selfies

Photographer Sophie Starzenski is taking back 'the selfie.' Usually a thinly veiled vanity-shot, Starzenski has documented her entire pregnancy, from 4 weeks to after birth, and refashioned the selfie to bring viewers into the journey of pregnancy, rather than expose herself. Strategically covering her face, Starzenski's photos focus on the bodily changes that occur when pregnant and allow anyone to superimpose themselves their own identity onto the photo, the opposite of what a selfie usually is. Peer into Starzenski's pregnancy in the photos below.

Week 0

Week 4

Week 15

Week 20

Week 25

Week 29

Week 33

Week 37

Week 40

Two Months After, with son Simon

Beautiful or far too revealing? Should pregnancy be kept private or do you applaud Starzenski's openness? Let us know in the comments below.

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