President Of The United States, Donald Trump, Has Already Changed Canada Forever

It may or may not be such a bad thing.
President Of The United States, Donald Trump, Has Already Changed Canada Forever

From the moment Trump got elected, Canadians took comfort in the fact that at least he's not in charge over here.

It's nice to know that no matter how crazy things get south of the border, we're safe up here in the Great White North. Except we aren't.

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There's no escaping the "Trump effect". He hasn't even been sworn in, and yet he's already changed Canada's political landscape.

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Ever since he won the election, the Conservative party has been revitalized, and they now have hope they can actually defeat Trudeau during the next election.

Although Trudeau is a fine leader in normal times, many people are doubting whether or not he's the right man to have in power against Trump. Kevin O'Leary, who is strongly considering running to be the leader of the conservative party, even compared Trump and Trudeau to Godzilla and Bambi.

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They are just way too different, which means they might not be able to work so well together.

According toThe Ottawa Sun, Trudeau is a political flake who is waging a cultural war with the United States with things like his environmental policies, his disregard of Canada's fiscal commitment to NATO, and his views on marijuana legalization.

So weather or not you agree with all this, one thing cannot be denied, Trumps Election has knocked Trudeau off his pedestal and it has made everyone think twice about whether or not he is the right leader for Canada.

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