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Price Alert: Flights From Toronto To Montreal Have Dropped To $67!

'Tis the season of travel offers! As summer vacation looms, Canadians are scrambling to get their affairs in order before prices once again surge when demand peaks. Canadians may also always take advantage of flash ticket deals, when airlines lower prices to fill a flight with vacant seats.

One such deal has just appeared on the Air Transat website. Astonishingly, two flights from Toronto to Montreal are now only $67! For comparison, regularly priced flights between the two largest cities in Canada can be as much as $300! 

The flights may vary by a few dollars but there are a ton more for you to discover. just Click Here and select "SUMMER IN CANADA". 

[rebelmouse-image 26892368 photo_credit="Air Transat / Summer Deals " expand=1 original_size="1021x437"] Air Transat / Summer Deals

Note that seat prices are subject to change at any time. But as of the time of writing, these prices appear both on Google and the Air Transat website:

The flight the following Tuesday is also only $67!

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Other Air Transat flights between Toronto and Montreal range between $100 and $400!

There's no telling how much longer Air Transat will offer such incredible deals. The company is in talks to be acquired by Air Canada. Certain routes may become more expensive as a result!

To check out this deal and to buy your tickets, check out the Air Transat website here! Remember that these flights will only be available at these prices for a limited time.

If you're looking to book a vacation elsewhere in Canada, the U.S., or Caribbean, you can also browse Air Canada's ongoing sale here!

Happy flying!

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