Prices On These 9 Items Are Going To Spike In Canada Because Of Trump's Trade War

Wiping your butt is about to get a lot more expensive.
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Prices On These 9 Items Are Going To Spike In Canada Because Of Trump's Trade War

Relations between Canada and the United States, the two countries once considered the most similar in the world, continue to deteriorate as Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau spar over trade.

The American president has accused Canada of exploiting free trade agreements between the two countries. As he slapped his northern neighbour with tariffs, Trump also called Trudeau "meek," "mild," and, his favourite adjective, "weak."

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In a demonstration of Canadian integrity and independence, the prime minister retaliated with similar tariffs. But, experts warn, such methods could have an adverse effect on the Canadian economy.

In the near future, according to the Retail Council of Canada, consumers can expect prices on these household items to increase dramatically:

1. Coffee

Canada imports most of its coffee from American manufacturers. That means Canadians are about to pay a high premium from some of their favourite brands. Alternatives, like importing coffee from Italy, will also be expensive as consumers must also pay for the cost of long distance shipping.

2. Mayonnaise

There is no Canadian domestic supplier of mayo. All popular brands come from manufacturers in the United States.

3. Toilet Paper

Yeah... U.S. manufacturers make up 97.5% of the global supply.

4. Printer paper

Domestic suppliers have stated that they cannot meet national demand without American imports.

5. Jam and jelly

There are, of course, local makes of jams and jellies and it's good for Canadians to support those small farms and businesses. But similar grocery store products are going to become more expensive.

6. Pet food

It's the plastic containers that will drive pet food prices up. Most plastic products come from the United States.

7. Bedding

The Canadians textile industry cannot match its American counterpart. Comfort is about to become more expensive.

8. Appliances

Refridgerators, dish washers, washing machines, and lawn mowers are especially at risk of price increases because of steel tariffs. Consumers purchase the products less frequently, but these major investments are about to become even more major.

9. Boats

Ok, few people buy boats and that's why it's last on this list. But American makers produce almost 95% of the global supply of aqatic recreational vehicles.


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