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Prince Harry Is Selling His Car On AutoTrader And It's Surprisingly Not As Expensive As You Think

He's just like the rest of us... sort of.
Prince Harry Is Selling His Car On AutoTrader And It's Surprisingly Not As Expensive As You Think

It's pretty obvious that the Royal Family is unbelievably rich. When your family has been royalty for hundreds of years you have a bit of time to save up some money. That's why it's also no surprise that the youngest of the famous Royal brothers, Prince Harry, has some pretty nice cars.

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What if Harry no longer wants his car? He probably auctions it off at a high-class estate, or maybe even gives it as a gift to another Royal Family member, right? Well, maybe he's a lot more like the rest of us than you think.

He actually just put his car, which is an Audi RS6, up for sale on AutoTrader. Yes, you read that right. He's not exactly doing it himself, as brokerage Overton Prestige is handling the sale, but it's interesting to see everyone has to go about the same ways to get rid of their car. Maybe it's just the best way to get the word out? Either way, he car was often used to drive the Prince and his new wife Meghan Markle around town, so it's a bit weird to see it available on a site that anyone can make an offer on. 

Via AutoTrader UK

You're probably wondering how much the Prince is selling the car for, and it's not as much as you might think. For about $120,000 CDN you can get the Audi that once belonged to the Prince and Duchess of Sussex.

If you still think the car is a bit pricey, it's actually just over a year old and only has 7,184 km on the odometer. As if that wasn't already a great deal, Harry has added about $18,000 worth of features to the car. So it's safe to say the lucky person who gets to own the vehicle will be getting an absolute bargain.

Although it's unconfirmed what car Harry and Meghan will be buying next, it's expected it'll be something a little more family-friendly to suit their near future.

You can find the actual AutoTrader page for Prince Harry's Audi HERE.


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