Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Hiring A New Personal Assistant And Canadians Can Apply For The Job

The position calls for someone who has excellent attention to detail and is willing to move to the U.K.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton

I'm sure we've all dreamed of being royalty at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us aren't lucky enough to have been born in Buckingham Palace. So, here's the next best thing! 

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are hiring a "diary coordinator" and that could be you! You may not be able to wear the crown, but you can sure be around the crown! 

One lucky person will be blessed to get the role of having to organize and managing the day-to-day activities of the Duke and Duchess. The position calls for someone who has excellent attention to detail and advanced IT skills. Posted on the official Royal website, the position will be open until July 22nd!

What exactly is a "diary coordinator"? You're a little far off if you think that you'll be privy to the Duchess's most intimate thoughts. In fact, your function will be more like a personal assistant. 

The permanent, full-time role will bring you to Kensington Palace, living in with the Duke and Duchess to help them organize their busy daily lives. Your primary responsibilities will be the "effective coordination of engagements and events." 

It'll be a fast-paced job that will give you a look behind the curtain of the Royal family's affairs. Along with daily coordination of their events, you'll also have to provide weekly reports, communicate with stakeholders, and compile the details of events for the Royal records.

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It's likely that the candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the Royal Foundation, according to Hello! Canada.

Since Prince Harry and Megan aren't running the foundation anymore, William and Kate are now responsible and understandably need all the help they can get. 

The ideal candidate should be a go-getter and a self-motivated workaholic who can handle the rigours of an intensely busy schedule. You'll need to develop "strong working relationships at all levels and with all stakeholders." This definitely isn't a casual summer job! 

Most importantly, the candidate must maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion at all times when in public functions or outside of work. That means no bragging to your friends about any bizarre toilet habits, for example! 

If you've ever had dreams of being a Royal, now's your chance to be one... by proxy! 

If you think you've got what it takes, apply to the diary coordinator job at Kensington Palace today!

Good luck!

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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