Printed Tights Are Ready For Fall Fashion Days

Summer fashion of this past year is already ceding her seat. As we sit in lawn chairs drinking gin and juice in the sun watching the parade of trends popping up for Fall.

We stumbleuponed (is this a verb yet?) this online boutique earlier this season called Bebaroque who specialise in these extraordinary blinged out tights. While you browse for new sweaters and dresses for back-to-school in the usual safe-bet neutrals and jewel-tones, glitz that shit up a bit with tights.

While specialty online boutiques like this have a cray selection of lots of different levels you could be comfortable experimenting with, I found my favourite pair at Jean-Coutu around Halloween this past year in a row of different tattoo-effect tights they had. I’ve been rocking sheer skin tone tights with muthah-fuckin dragons and flowers on them ever since.

Les Cours Mont Royal keeps a few of the cities brightest diamonds shining in the depths of the underground city. I think a lot of Mtl’s empoverished artist types can appreciate the cute-to-coût ratio of the Asian import boutiques like MiaMix and Ghazvin who offer all the styles spotted on sites like Dolls Kill but for a fraction of the price (and size selection but hey you can`t have everything).

So tights. Whether you love the shock factor of implying an array of leg tattoos or you`re charmed by two little cat faces smiling up at you from your thighs, this is one of those trends to band-wagon on, promising to at least be something we can laugh at ourselves for wearing when we’re old.