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Probably The Best Australian Restaurants In Montreal

Get your vegemite on!
Probably The Best Australian Restaurants In Montreal

Arguably, some of the best restaurants and cafes in Montreal are nestled between the apartments and bookshops of the Plateau. You can seriously find ANY kind of food there, including the elusive Australian cuisine. If you've ever lived in Oz and suddenly found yourself in the mood for some classic Australian eats, look no further than ta PIES and Café Melbourne, the only two spots in Montreal for meat pies, jaffles, lamingtons and flat whites.

1. Meat Pies

Never had a meat pie? On the corner of Parc and Mont Royal, ta PIES has what Hugh Jackman called the "best meat pies in the world" when he was filming the Wolverine a couple of years ago.

Want something a little different? Ta puts their own spin on meat pies. Whether you want to eat-in or get an entire pie to go, you can choose from classic beef, butter chicken, steak and cheese, lamb roganjosh and curried vegetable.

Photo cred - ta PIES Facebook

2. Biscuit Anzac

For dessert, you can indulge in Anzac biscuits (an oatmeal and coconut cookie), lamingtons (a layered spongecake dipped in chocolate and coconut) or pavolva (a meringue cake topped with whipped cream and fruit).

Photo cred - SBS World News

3. Flat White

After downing some lunch at Ta, hop over a few blocks to Cafe Melbourne to St. Laurent. Make sure you order a flat white -- A creamier and smoother version of a normal latte.

Photo cred - Café Melbourne Facebook

4. Jaffle

If you're feeling hungry again, try the jaffles -- an Aussie toasted sandwich -- at Cafe Melbourne. This "Mac Daddy" jaffle has mac and cheese in it. No one in their right mind would say no to a mac and cheese jaffle. Unless, of course, you were offered a pulled pork jaffle.

Photo cred - SBS World News

5. Vegemite

You can make your mini Aussie experience last even longer by bringing Vegemite (paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetable and spices) developed and a dozen of mini pies home from Ta while you wander the Plateau with a Cafe Melbourne flat white in hand.

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