Probably The Best Bloody Caesars In Montreal's NDG

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Probably The Best Bloody Caesars In Montreal's NDG

Ah the Bloody Caesar - The uniquely Canadian cocktail de préférence. How so? Unlike the American Bloody Mary, which uses plain old tomato juice, the Caesar is made of Mott's Clamato. Add to that a few dashes of Tabasco (although Frank's Red Hot is also frequently used), a wedge of lime, a stalk of celery, and you got yourself one heck of a drink. Lucky for all of us, Montreal is particularly good at doing the Bloody Caesar. We decided to sniff out the best Caesar's in the NDG area to share with your our findings. It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

1. Café Orange

4011 Bd Décarie

Need a little hair of the dog? Well, Café Orange has got you covered with a fabulous take on the Bloody Caesar. Known for their amazing brunches (although they're now open at night too), their Orange Caesar is delicious, especially if you had a bit of a rough night before. A few sips of their Caesar, served in a mason jar, rimmed with Montreal steak spice (nice touch), and complimented with a healthy dose of Frank's Red Hot, is the perfect complement to your morning eggs. As a bonus, it only costs $4.99. The downside? The Caesars are so good, one quickly turns into two or three, and before you know it hangover day has turned into party day all over again. C'est la vie!


2. Le Slang

5669 Monkland Ave

Monkland's Le Slang is quickly establishing itself as one of Monkland's trendiest new hot spots, and quite naturally they make a Caesar to die for. In a twist on the traditional ingredients, this one is served up with a big sprig of fresh basil.


3. Lucille's Oyster Shack

5626 Av de Monkland

OK, so to be fair to the other places on this list, the Caesar's at Lucille's is tough to beat. I mean, just look at it. It's got an oyster, clam, shrimp and a crab leg in it. As such, it's probably less a drink and more of a seafood platter, but it's definitely something special.


Photo cred - NextDoor

4. NextDoor Pub & Grill

5175 Rue Sherbrooke O

This cozy NDG pub has become one of the neighborhood's most favourite watering holes, and boy do they have one killer Caesar. Served nice and spicy with a dollop of horseradish, and in a nice twist, a dill pickle instead of a celery stalk. Very, very tasty.


5. Taverne

5555 Av de Monkland

Taverne's Bloody Caesar is downright famous in NDG, and justifiably. Served in a mason jar (always a good idea), we loved its healthy kick of heat and spicy pickled beans.


6. Typhoon

5752 Av de Monkland

Typhoon on Monkland has what I consider to be the ideal evening Bloody Caesar, or rather, the kind you want to drink when out with friends but not necessarily sitting down to a meal. Served in a tumbler, it's spicy and tidy, ideal if you're looking to flirt, as Caesar's while delicious, don't always make for easy sipping.


7. Ye Olde Orchard

5563, av de Monkland

Nothing too fancy here, but Ye Olde Orchard's Bloody Caesar is always reliable, made with optional horseradish, a fleet of olives, and your choice of premium vodkas. Size is very generous, their Caesar is the perfect drink to nurse while competing in Trivia night.


8. The Wheel Club

3373 Boul Cavendish

Are you a little bit country? Or maybe a little bit rock n' roll? While not the first place you'd think to go for a Caesar, The Wheel Club makes a great one from scratch. Pick your nights though, as the last time I went by, it was poker night which meant the bar unfortunately too slammed and Bloody Caesar just wasn't gonna happen. Next time.

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