Probably The Best BYOW Restaurants In Montreal

Drink cheap, eat cheap.
Probably The Best BYOW Restaurants In Montreal

Eat, drink, and be merry without emptying your wallet. The whole idea of a BYOW place is to cut down on your dining costs by supplying your own wine or beer. But unfortunately, many of these BYOW restaurants are actually quite expensive to eat in... that's how they make their money since they don't supply overpriced alcohol, right? Well, here are 10 BYOB restaurants that are actually quite affordable so you're not being gouged on the food.

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 1. Saigon 27

477 boul. St.Laurent

This Vietnamese-Thai restaurant in Old Montreal doesn't disappoint. The lok-lak beef stir-fry, pho and fried bananas seem to be the favourites, but the whole menu looks darn good. Another great thing about this place - no MSG is used.


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2. Le Showwok

2081 rue Ste. Catherine O.

This place specializes in Chinese and Thai in a nice modern setting. Great place for a date or having a meal with friends. The soups are a meal on their own, and the stir-fries come a la carte or in combos with soup, salad and rice. You can pick your sauce from things like red curry with coconut milk or peanut sauce for the Thai stir-fries. Mmmm.


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3. Montanara

2291 rue Fleury E.

It's rare to find a cheap Italian place but if you look hard enough, you'll find it. Virtually every dish is under $20 at Montanara, with the exception of the seafood items. People rave about this place, and the surroundings make for a great romantic setting.


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4. East Africa

5893 rue Sherbrooke O.

This small family-run restaurant in NDG serves up authentic Ethiopian food. The unique combination of spice,s called berbere, make Ethiopian food truly flavourful. Everything is served on injera, a sourdough flatbread, with pieces of injera to be used to pick up your food with. It may get messy but you'll be too busy eating and slurping your wine to care. Vegetarian dishes are available too.


5. Kejaki Sushi

884 boul. Decarie

If you're really hungry, this is the place to be. The portions are large at this Ville Saint Laurent spot, so it's a good idea to order a few dishes to share. With Japanese, Thai and Szechuan on the menu, there's plenty to chose and it's all at a great price. And if you didn't get a chance to pick up a bottle of wine beforehand, not to worry. There's an SAQ on the next block.


6. Thanjai

4759 Avenue Van Horne

Vegetarian alert! Thanjai specializes in South Indian dishes which means it's mostly vegetarian and gluten-free, and all dishes are halal too. Their specialty is dosas, a crispy thin crepe that is either served plain or stuffed with various fillings - there are too many to count. They also have uttapam, which is a thick soft bready pancake with various toppings. Of course, there are the usual curries, biryanis, noodles and even a few indo-chinese dishes. Wine and beer are accepted but if you didn't bring any, you must try the mango lassi.


7. Echalotte

854 rue Ste. Catherine E.

With plates piled high of scrumptious Asian food for around $8-$12, you can't go wrong! Let's not forget about the quick and friendly service, so what are you waiting for? The bright, colourful walls and wooden-finished tables and chairs make it casual and inviting. Specializing in Szechuan, Thai and Vietnamese, it caters to the spicier palette. I'll have the chicken in green curry, orange beef, shrimps in black bean sauce.... sorry, was I thinking out loud?


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8. Aux Iles Bleues

900 Ave. Duluth E.

The cuisine of Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and the Seychelles off the western coast of Africa are the star attraction. For a set price of only $20, you get a Mauritian appetizer, a tropical soup, a salad and you get to choose your main dish of 10 items cooked in 8 different styles such as Mauritian creole, Madagascar peppers, and Coco Seychellois (with coconut milk). Bring lots of wine and beer to wash it all down, and if the weather's still warm you'll want to dine on the terrace.


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9. La Piccola

2050 rue Fleury E.

If you like veal, then this is the place to go. Their specialty is veal cooked many ways and they have a very affordable lunch table d’hôte starting at only $10.95, while the dinner table d’hôte starts at $25.95. Try the Quebecoise pizza (pizza version of lox and bagel) or the Alex Special pizza, which has some heat.


10. Chand Palace

989 rue Jean Talon O.

Some of the best Indian food one can get at the lowest price. The fish masala, biryanis, chaat papri, aloo tikki, chicken jalfrezi - you name it, they're all fantastic. (Could you tell I eat here often?) The place is clean, warm and the staff friendly. The decor isn't much but you'll be too focused on your food to care. Vegetarian dishes are available too.


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