Probably The Best Chocolatines In Montreal

Because nothing's better than chocolate and croissant for breakfast.
Probably The Best Chocolatines In Montreal

Chocolate croissant, chocolatine, or pain au chocolat… whatever you call them they’re delicious, and you can get them pretty much everywhere. But if you don't go to right place then you're stuck with a day old, stale loaf of shit. So here are six mouthwatering chocolate croissants that deserve your undivided attention.

Read on below for the best chocolate croissants in Montreal:

1. Mamie Clafoutis

3660 Rue Saint-Denis

You can predict the deliciousness awaiting you at Mamie Clafoutis simply by listening to the customersand staff: everyone here is francophone! This means that the chocolate croissants are delightfully authentic. Torn between an almond croissant and a chocolate one? Fear not: the geniuses at Mamie Clafoutis have created the hybrid croissant of your dreams.


2. Olive et Gourmando

351 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

In-the-know tourists and leather-clad designer-types line up outside Olive et Gourmando all day (except Sunday) for the best chocolate croissants in Old Port. Get there early (because they sell out fast!), and enjoy a cappuccino and some people watching on one of the sunny benches outside. Beware: these chocolate croissants are cruelly small so unless you have incredible self-restraint, you’re going to need two.


Photo Cred - Brioche Dorée

3. Brioche Dorée

3611 Boulevard St-Laurent

Don’t let the exterior fool you—these chocolate croissants are amazing! Located near the intersection of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur E, Brioche Dorée sells mouth-watering chocolate croissants (and other pastries but, lets be honest, what else would you want?) from a store window so you don’t even have to go inside. Convenient but oh so inconvenient.


4. Patisserie Au Kouign Amann

322 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Just try to resist the smell of bread and butter wafting out of Au Kouign Amann. This place has the feel of a traditional family-run bakery that’s been here for decades, and after waiting in the much-deserved line for a chocolate croissant right out of the oven, you’ll understand why it's so popular.

5. Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 Av du Parc

Pikolo Espresso Bar can really do no wrong. Elbow your way through this small shop and grab one of the best espressos in Montreal, and its perfect companion: a chocolate croissant straight from their tiny oven. A fair warning: if you go too early they're not always ready, and if you go too late they may have run out, but the thrill of the chase is an added bonus.


6. Café Myriade

1432 Rue Mackay,Club Monaco, & 251 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest

If you’re in either the St. Catherine or Concordia areas and fixin' for a chocolate croissant, look no further than Café Myriade, located in Club Monaco and on Rue Mackay. Renowned for its coffee, Café Myriade understands that the experience is as much about the richness of the espresso as it is about its natural companion, the chocolate croissant.


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