Probably The Best Coffee Shops In Montreal's Plateau

Grab a cup o' joe.
Probably The Best Coffee Shops In Montreal's Plateau

It's no secret that the Plateau is home to some of the most delicious food in this city. With a variety of hip cafés, specialty restaurants, and artisanal bakeries, there is something sure to delight almost every palate. Should you find yourself in immediate need of a caffeine fix with a little treat on the side, here are of the best options that the Plateau has to offer.

1. Au Koiugn Amann

322 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Specializing in pastries from France's Bretagne region, there are no bad choices here when picking something to accompany your coffee. The buttery croissants will melt in your mouth and the coffee is impeccable. If you really want to treat yourself, try their signature pastry: a slice of the koiugn amann. You will know what joy tastes like.


2. Mamie Clafoutis

3660 Rue Saint-Denis

Serving up a wide variety of breads, pastries, cakes, coffee and tea, Mamie Clafoutis has something for everyone. While they are known for having some of the best croissants in Montreal, their signature clafoutis with seasonal berries is truly exceptional and will pair perfectly with their delicious coffee.


3. A la Folie

1126 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

If you are in the mood for something deliciously unconventional, then this is the place for you. With macarons in flavors such as strawberry rhubarb, maple syrup and YOLO (apple, vanilla and caramel), your senses are sure to be delighted. Any of their original creations pair best with one of their signature coffee drinks or a hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows.


Photo Cred - Elsa

4. Le Moineau Masqué

912 Rue Marie-Anne Est

This incredibly charming café boasts a beautiful terrace along with classic coffee drinks and delicious fresh pastries. Their cold brew coffee is the perfect way to cool down a hot Summer day, especially when paired with one of their pistachio croissants. If you're lucky enough to stop by on a day when they have homemade ice cream, you're really in for a treat.


5. Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 Av du Parc

Home to some of the best coffee in Montreal, a latte from Pikolo is an excellent way to jumpstart your morning or perk up your afternoon. Paired with one of their brownies, chocolatines or croissants? Absolute heaven.


6. Cafe Plume

123 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

This very relaxed cafe just next to Mount Royal park has a delicious variety of expertly brewed coffee drinks along with a selection of classic croissants, scones, and muffins. If you're seeking a calm atmosphere to possibly get some work done while you have your afternoon pick-me-up, this place is ideal.


7. Cafe Replika

252 Rue Rachel Est

This adorably un-pretentious Turkish cafe serves up a delicious selection of coffee and treats with a distinct Mediterranean flare. While it's hard to go wrong with any of the offerings here, the traditional turkish coffee with one of their homemade cookies is absolute perfection.


8. Cafe Melbourne

4615 Blvd. St. Laurent

Cafe Melbourne is immediately noticeable due to a sign advertising that although their French may not be up to par,their coffee certainly is. Owned and operated by a group of Australian expats, Cafe Melbourne may not take itself too seriously, but they are clearly very serious about coffee. Their cold brew is perfect for a hot Summer day, especially when paired with one of their scones or muffins that are made fresh every day.


Photo Cred - Philippe Allard

9. Café M

24 Avenue des Pins Est

Situated right at the corner of St. Laurent and Avenue des Pins, this hidden gem is the perfect place for a relaxed hang-out with a delicious coffee and an organic, homemade baked treat. The friendly baristas take their coffee very seriously and will make sure your order is just how you want it. Their cappuccinos are deliciously frothy and pair perfectly with one of their cookies or scones.

Photo Cred - Laaulita

10. Le Lapin Pressé

If you like something savory to go with your chosen caffeine fix, Le Lapin Pressé is the perfect place. While they have an impressive repertoire of croissants and other sweet treats, the grilled cheese sandwiches are their specialty. With different cheeses and garnishes to choose from, this place is ideal for breakfast or a quick and delicious lunch.