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Probably The Best Craft Beer Bars In Montreal

There is simply no reason to drink sub-par beer.
Probably The Best Craft Beer Bars In Montreal

I happen to feel that drinking a mass produced beer is about as fun as a kick in the teeth, but that’s just me. If there is a commercial with girls in bikinis at an awesome-looking party, we the consumers are probably being distracted from the product by the brand. Whether or not you have a tattoo of hops on your knuckles and plan road trips based on what bottle releases to hit, craft beer isn’t a niche anymore. There is simply no reason to drink sub-par beer.

 Photo cred - Vices&Versa

1. Vices&Versa


6631 St-Laurent Boulevard

If you liken beer to music, Dunham brewery is that new band that Pitchfork is out making viral, and urging everyone to listen to right now! Dunham is a microbrewery in the Eastern Townships that makes not just good, but great beer. They also happen to own Vices&Versa in Little Italy, which is in one word, cool. It just has that vibe. Their menu consistently has some of the most difficult to find beers on tap, and frequently invites other huge names in the industry for a special treat. The terrace at the back is a little oasis, surrounded by a wood fence and climbing vines. Come here to enjoy the atmosphere and taste some of the best beers Quebec has to offer.


Photo cred – Alain Quevillon

2.  Benelux Wellington street/ Sherbrooke street

4026 Rue Wellington - Metro De L’Eglise

245 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest - Metro Places Des Arts

In the beer world, breweries from Benelux or, midwestern Europe, are arguably the most distinct and create the most sought-after beers in the world. Benelux in Montreal has two spots that focus on this style of beer. The Sherbrooke street location is a stumble away from McGill’s downtown campus and has a seriously impressive line-up of micro brewed beer. Drink in the part of the bar known as the vault or outside on the terrace for great people watching. The Wellington street location has one of the best terraces in the city, with a massive tree to escape the summer heat, and maximum backyard party feel. If you see advertisements here for a Cask night, drop everything and go. You won’t regret it.


Photo cred – Hesz Rudolf

3. Broue Pub Brouhaha


5860 Avenue de Lorimier – Metro Rosemont

Every neighborhood needs a bar like Brouhaha. Unpretentious, comfortable, friendly, and excellent at what it does, this pub makes most people want to hang out all afternoon. What’s on tap changes often, and offers styles for everyone from big Imperial Stouts to Belgian Pale Ales to Peppercorn Saisons. The bottle list of local and imported beers is curated and will give you a chance to try the kind of thing that beer geeks will talk your ear off about for an hour. Oh, and if this place makes you want to take something home, they have a sister artisanal grocery store called Délires du Terroir on St-Hubert street with one of the best choices in the city.


Photo cred – DDC Techno

4. Dieu du Ciel!


29 Avenue Laurier Ouest – Metro Laurier

The Mecca of craft beer in the city. DDC is the envy of most cities that think they have a good beer scene. This small Brewpub in Mile End/Plateau area is possibly the best-placed watering hole on this list. Sure, it’s close to Mont-Royal, is near two different Metros, and has a ton of other fun stuff nearby in the most stylish part of town. You, dear reader, should – nay! – need to go simply to taste the divine nectar of the Gods. It wouldn’t matter if this bar was floating on an island off the coast of Newfoundland, it would still be The place to go drink. People all over the world talk about this place that is right in your backyard. Go! Discover what real beer should taste like.

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Photo cred –Steph Vaillancourt

 5.  Le Saint-Bock

1749 Rue Saint-Denis – Metro Berri

Just as the best coffee shops offer a wide selection of options from around the world, so do the best bars. Le Saint-Bock is reputed to have the largest selection of beers in the country. 850 at last count, and that is aside from the 40 taps of home-made, local, and imported craft beer available every night. The best thing about the place though, are the well-versed waitresses. They are connoisseurs and know exactly what you mean when you say something like: “Well, I had a beer last summer that was kind of peachy I guess. Is that a thing?” Speaking of which, don’t know what a Randall is? Find out here. It’s the coolest thing ever for beer lovers! Best of all, this is one of the few Brewpubs that has a great menu for food and other drinks, for those in the group that aren’t into beer.


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