Probably The Best Internships In Montreal

You can even come work for us.

Unpaid internships are awesome. Think about it - a company invites you to work for them with the knowledge that you have no practical experience. It's the ultimate education in the field without the risk of getting fired, and assuming you don't mess up royally, you get an awesome reference, or even a job waiting for you when you graduate. Frankly, I'm suspicious of any university program that doesn't require an interning experience.

Montreal is currently chock-full of internship opportunities, so here I've compiled what seemed like the ones that looked the most fun - or at least like they'd look really interesting on a CV.

1. Public Relations at MTL Blog

Ideal For: Students studying Communications, Journalism, Marketing, or related fields.

The Job: Social monitoring, responding to email inquiries, opportunities, responding to social engagements in realtime, posting social media updates, light copy editing, crisis management.

The time commitment: 15-20 hours per week, for a 3 month period.

The Perks: Get first hand experience, attend special events, network with media and influencers in the city.

Full description here.

2. Brewing Intern at Labatt Breweries

Ideal for: Those in STEM programs who love beer

The job: Assisting in every step of brewing beer, from administrative tasks to the brewing itself

The time commitment: Undetermined

The perks: Which other chemistry major is going to have "Beer Brewing" on their résumé? It's an instantly interesting conversation at a job interview! Not to mention you'll learn how to brew beer - which has got to come in handy at some point.

Full description here.

3. Farm to Fork Internship at Provender

Ideal for: A bilingual student with a background in technology, agriculture, and/or gastronomy

The job: Using social media and face-to-face meetings to help restaurants connect with local farmers

The time commitment: Undetermined

The perks: You get to help your community create sustainable food systems and you will get a unique perspective of the relationship between the farmer and the chef, which will make you stand out when you're trying to get a job later.

Full description here.

4. Events Assistant at The McCord Museum

Ideal for: Bilingual students, with driver's licenses, who are interested in history or event planning

The job: Helping to coordinate events at the museum, from scheduling to finding sponsors

The time commitment: 35 hours per week for a minimum of three months

The perks: You're working with an established museum and you'll create great contacts through the networking required in the job.

Full description here.

5. Operations and Customer Service Lead at Style Nine to Five

Ideal for: A fashion junkie interested in the inner workings of an online business

The job: Managing inventory and dealing with customers

The time commitment: At least 3-4 days a week with possible additional hours outside of the office

The perks: You'll learn a lot about running an online business while building your professional persona with all of the customer service work.

Full description here.

6. Editorial Interns at FLARE Magazine

Ideal for: Those interested in fashion and/or journalism (or who watch The Devil Wears Prada and weren't horrified)

The job: Assisting the editor in your chosen department (more than one internship is available!)

The time commitment: Four months starting in September, January, or May

The perks: It's an english-language magazine internship this side of Manhattan. That should be enough for anybody.

Full description here.

7. Journalist Internship - Radio-Canada Newsroom, Winter-Spring 2016

Ideal for: Journalism students who are fluent in french

The job: Assisting behind the scenes in Radio-Canada's newsroom

The time commitment: Vague, but it does not seem to be a long internship

The perks: Working for Radio-Canada with having to go to Toronto

Full description here.

8. Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft

Ideal for: Computer programming majors who have always dreamed of making video games as a living

The job: Programming video games and assisting in some other tasks

The time commitment: Undetermined

The perks: It's freaking Ubisoft!

Full descriptions here.

9. Student Interns at BMO Bank of Montreal

Ideal for: Students studying commerce, business, statistics, management, and/or STEM subjects with an interest in banking

The job: Anything from customer service to analysis and research to computer programming, depending on the internship you choose

The time commitment: Undetermined

The perks: They seem to have a well-organized internship program and they will give you a job when you graduate if they like you.

Full description here.

10. Fashion Marketing Intern at 3 Paradis

Ideal for: A fashionista majoring in marketing, merchandising, or public relations

The job: A combination of managing the company's social media and helping with sales and organization

The time commitment: 2-5 days per week

The perks: It puts you foot in the door of the fashion industry, and it's hands-on experience in a growing business.

Full description here.