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Probably The Best Montreal Espressos

For the true coffee connoisseurs.
Probably The Best Montreal Espressos

Autumn is on the way. Do you know what that means? It's the perfect time for finding your new favourite café and end up with most beautiful pictures for your Instagram. Check out these coffee shops and you surely won't be disappointed.

1. Café Oui Mais Non

72 Rue Jarry Est.


Their Website

This five-star independent café will surely become your new favourite place to go. Not only do they serve macchiatos, cappucinos, chaï lattés, and other great drinks, but they have an array of foods that are to die for.

2. Café de’ Mercanti

6128 Avenue de Monkland


Only opened August 14th, 2012, this coffee shop is already a 4.5-star hit! Not only do they serve some amazing treats with their coffee, including an amazing Crostata alla Nutella, but some of them are even gluten free!

Photo Cred - Dispatch Coffee

3. Dispatch Coffee

267 St-Zotique W

3480 University

Their Website

Dispatch Coffee started out as coffee delivery service, but now they're unstoppable. They now have two locations, a catering service, and even their own food truck!

4. Le Café Bloom

1914 Rue De Centre


Their Website

This is a place where you can just relax, sip on your coffee, and try some great food. Whether you're in the mood to have a nice time with friends, you need a place to go to get your creativity flowing, or you just want some local organic treats with your coffee that taste amazing, this is the place for you.

5. Café Olimpico

124 St-Viateur West


Their Website

Founded in 1970, Café Olimpico has an original European taste that definitely fits in perfectly with Montreal's multiculturalist society. This quaint café is a great place to meet new people and to enjoy a lovely cappucino.

6. Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar

1447 Rue Amherst


Their Facebook Page

This vegan café is an amazing place to grab an espresso. The café also has an incredible atmosphere where you can have great coffee and meet great people at the same time. As the French would say, pourquoi pas?

7. Café Vito

151 Rue Villeray

400 de la Commune


Their Website

This is definitely the place for one of Montreal's finest cafés. Visit one of their locations to not only get an amazing coffee, but why not have some amazing gelato to go along with it?

8. Maté Latté

5837 Sherbrooke West


Their Facebook Page

This family-run café is surely going to be the place for people with a sweet-tooth. From paninis, Dulce De Leche crêpes and croissants, and other homemade desserts, all with an Argentinian touch, you'll surely have an out-of-this-world experience.

9. L’Artiste Affamé

3692 Rue St-Denis


Their Facebook Page

You'll surely love this rustic 4.6-star café! Located only a few blocks away from Sherbrooke metro station, not only is this coffee shop easily accessible but has by far one of the safest and most comfortable atmospheres out there.

Photo Cred - Café Odessa

10. Café Odessa

65 Rue Beaubien East

Their Facebook Page

This fabulous 4.7-star hangout is a great place to be. With talented baristas and an amazing atmosphere, why wouldn't you want to go?

11. Fixe

5985 Rue Saint-Hubert


Their Website

This Café Bistro is home to one of the best lattes of all-time. Not only that, but the food will be a gift to your taste-buds. You need to visit this extraordinary café and let yourself be blown away.

12. Caffè San Simeon

39 Dante


Their Facebook Page

Caffè San Simeon is truly a coffee addict's dream. Not only are the prices inexpensive, but you get an amazing drink, too! What is there not to love?

Photo Cred - Café 8oz

13. Café 8oz

5851 Rue St-Hubert


Their Facebook Page

This 5-star café is home to a warm environment and delicious coffee. This spacious coffee shop is the perfect place to meet with friends to grab a coffee and eat some great pastries. If you want one of the best coffees in town, there is no doubt that this is where you should go.

14. Hoche Café

4299 Rue Ontario East


Their Facebook Page

For those who live far out, this café located in Hochelaga is the place to be! This small and peaceful place is home to phenominal coffee that will surely make you smile.

15. Kitsuné

19 Prince Arthur Street West


Their Facebook Page

This café is wonderful addition to the city. With a beautiful location and great coffee, what else could you expect?

16. Le Couteau

4627 Rue St-Denis


Their Website

This intimate café is yet another amazing place to go. The service is great, the lighting is great, the food is great, the coffee is great; I don't know what isn't great at this café. Going here will be an experience you won't regret.

17. Café Névé

151 Rachel East


Their Website

This impossible to resist coffee shop is home to the best cookies in town. The ambiance is relaxing, the coffee tastes amazing, and as I already mentioned, their cookies are the best out there.

Photo Cred - Tunnel Espresso Bar

18. Tunnel Espresso Bar

1253 Avenue McGill College


Their Website

This espresso bar is the perfect place for McGill students especially to enjoy a great coffee. The prices are cheap, and everything you're getting is organic and fair trade! So not only are you treating yourself right, but you're treating the world right too. This is definitely a win-win situation.

I hope to be seeing you at one of these cafés soon!

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