The Best Places To Get Macarons In Montreal

You won't be able to eat just one.
The Best Places To Get Macarons In Montreal

These colourful, fun confections come in a never ending list of flavours. I insist you pick up some of these on they way to your friend's barbecue, picnic, or party; dessert game will be strong. Bite size and delicious-- fruity, sweet, or savoury; these crowd pleasing desserts will be sure to satisfy even the most finicky of pallets.

Here are the top spots around the city to pick up these lil treats:

1. Boutique Point G

1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

With 22 signature flavours, a flavour of the day, and seasonal varieties; its no wonder this spot made the list. Some of it's top selling flavours include salted caramel, rosemary-raspberry, and foie gras. You can also pick up these bad boys at Godiva counters and stands around the city.


Photo Cred- Mary Mitchell

2. M Cafe

1458 Rue de la Montagne

Just a few steps away from Concordia University, or some downtown shopping; M Cafe offers a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, along with a wide variety of pastries and desserts. Among these coveted desserts are their famous macarons. Some of their top selling flavours include double chocolate, apple-cinnamon, and pistachio.


Photo Cred- Juliette & Chocolat

3. Juliette & Chocolat

Rue Ste-Catherine O, 377 Avenue Laurier O, Boul St-Laurent

Famous for it's chocolates, crepes, and waffles; the oversized macaron is a hidden gem at Juliette et Chocolat! Unlike any macaron I've ever seen before, these large sized macarons are roughly the size of four regular sized macarons and come in two flavours: maple, or chocolate-raspberry.


Photo Cred- Tumblr

4. Les Glaceurs

4864 Rue Sherbrooke O, 1245 Rue University, 453 Rue Saint Sulpice

While Les Glaceurs is known primarily for their unique cupcakes, and bilboquet ice cream; their macarons are excellent and should not to be passed up! Some of their top selling flavours: chocolate-hazelnut, crème-brûlée, and lemon.


Photo Cred- Tumblr

5. À  La Folie

1126 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Previously known as "La Maison Du Macarons", this spot offers a strong line of signature flavours, with unique designs not seen not seen anywhere else. There new "YOLO" line offers a variety of macarons which have then been semi dipped in white, milk, or dark chocolate. Some of their other best selling flavours include: banana-chocolate, strawberry rhubarb, and coconut.


Photo Cred- WeHeartIt

6. Au Pain Doré

5214 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, 115, av. Atwater,

1415 Rue Peel (and many more)

With a smaller, more classic variety, this spot still serves up some of the freshest macarons everyday. Their staple flavours include: raspberry, espresso, and vanilla bean.


Photo Cred - Daily Glamorous

7. Première Moison

Rue Saint-Ambroise/Atwater Market, 860 Avenue du Mont Royal E (and many more)

With new flavours every season, this spot aims to create flavours that compliment the weather. Some of their favourite flavours for spring/summer include: hibiscus, exotic mango, and green lemon.


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