Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants In Ahuntsic

Hidden gems to discover.
Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants In Ahuntsic

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Activity time. Close your eyes and think of a place where fine dining, tapas, authentic cuisine, and many more gastronomical delights live harmoniously in the same neighbourhood. We'll give you a few seconds. Done? Good. Now what did you imagine? If you said the Plateau, or even downtown Montreal, then we're sorry. You're wrong. Luckily, you have this article to enlighten you about the food scene in Ahuntsic, where pure happiness comes to get served on a plate. Read on for Probably the Best Restaurants in Ahuntsic.

1. Le Chien Rose

234 Rue Fleury Ouest

How long have you been going out to your favourite restaurant and ordering the exact same thing? Too long, my friend. Too long. If you're looking to break the cycle of predictability, then Le Chien Rose is perfect for you. Serving tapas on a menu that changes monthly, the possibilities are literally endless... and tasty. And infinite tastiness is a beautiful thing.


2. Le Tablier Rouge

1031 Rue Fleury Est

Do you dream in bacon? Does your cheat meal include steak garnished with ground beef? If so, you may be a carnivore. It's okay. Don't be afraid. Embrace it. And go pay a visit to Le Tablier Rouge. Every serious meat eater's happy place, Le Tablier Rouge doubles as a butcher shop and a burger bar. Which means that no matter what, the meat you're getting is fresh, juicy, and delicious.


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3. Le Petit Flore

1145 Rue Fleury Est

If you've ever been to France, then you know how extraordinarily amazing French cuisine is. If not, I've got bad news. You've missed out, son. But don't worry. You don't have to frantically search Expedia for the next flight to Paris to get a taste of an authentic Croque-monsier. You do have to get yourself to Petit Flore, though, tout de suite!


4. Sapori di Napoli

1465 Rue Dudemaine

Do you like authentic Italian food? Was that a rhetorical question? The answer to both of these is yes. The answer to your intense craving for pizza is Sapori Di Napoli. This cozy Italian restaurant is probably the closest you'll get to eating food in Italy without having to buy a plane ticket. Which is a good thing - with all that money you save, you can get yourself another plate of gnocchi.


5. Le Brûloir

343 Rue Fleury Ouest

Technically a café, but don't let that stop you from bringing your appetite. Le Brûloir also serves up some pretty legit meals... and if you ever want to know what it feels like to be in flavour heaven, try one of their grilled cheeses. They're game changing.


6. Joe Chicago Deli & Grill

9787 Boulevard de L'Acadie

Ball is life? No. Barbecue is life. And nobody does it as good as Joe Chicago in Ahuntsic. Are we covertly implying that Joe Chicago is life? Maybe. Probably. Just take a look at that platter and tell me your reason for existing hasn’t just been affirmed, though.


7. Les Incorruptibles

1432 Rue Fleury Est

Good news for those of us who like to drink while eating (or just drink, we don't judge). Not only does Les Incorruptibles serve up extremely delicious French cuisine, but it's also a seriously legit bar. Fancy a cocktail modelled after Marilyn Monroe with your bison carpaccio? Of course you do. And now you know where to go to get it. Bonus points for Les Incorruptibles' vintage inspired decor and menu, which all comes together to create a really unique dining (drinking?) experience.


Photo cred - Sushi Ami

8. Sushi Ami

1469 Rue Fleury Est

I think it's pretty fair to say that sushi is joy. Seriously. Having a bad week? Grab some sashimi with friends. Class is boring? Bring in a bento box. Sushi put things into perspective. And when you have amazing sushi, things just seem to fall into place. Don't believe me? Get yourself to Sushi Ami and see how much clearer your life seems. And if there are some things that even great sushi can't solve, then hey, at least you've tried some on point fish.


9. Paulo et Suzanne

5501 Boul Gouin Ouest

We’ve expressed our love for Paulo et Suzanne before, but no Ahuntsic listicle would be complete without mentioning this 24/7 diner. Yes, you read that right. 24/7. Which means poutine, hamburgers, breakfast - whatever you want, whenever you want. Breakfast-for-dinner and 3AM-snack lovers, rejoice.


10. Zagrum

1825 Rue Fleury Est

Breakfast is not just a meal in Montreal. It's a lifestyle. And with eight different types of Eggs Benedict, we think it's safe to assume that Zagrum takes breakfast just as seriously as Montrealers do. Extra points for their huge terrasse, because who doesn't feel like gorging on a four-egg omelette while working on their tan?


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