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Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants To Eat At After 3am In The Plateau

8 great places to get food after last call
Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants To Eat At After 3am In The Plateau

It's amazing how quickly last call can come when you're out having (too much) fun at a bar or club with friends in the Plateau. If you're anything like me, once it gets close to 3am even a quick walk home (or God forbid a cab or Bixi ride) can seem like a march of doom, especially if you've - let's say - "consumed your share of the spirits."

After a night of heavy-duty drinking, a quick meal before hitting the sack is a must if you don't want to spend the next day nursing a huge hangover. A good, greasy meal will likely settle your stomach and give you that second wind you need to get home safe and secure. Of course, your options are mostly limited to fast-food, but there are tons of decent places in the Plateau to grab a nice greasy snack and sober up before the inevitable journey home.

Photo cred - La Banquise

1. La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel E

There are poutine places, and then there are poutine places. La Banquise is one of the latter. A staple since The Quiet Revolution, La Banquise is open 24 hours a day, making it the perfect post-party place. The lines are often long, but the food is so worth it! Their incredible poutines are a full-fledged meal unto themselves, with variations including smoked meat, bacon, chicken, steak, etc. If you can think of it, chances are La Banquise can put it in a poutine.


Photo cred - The Main

2. The Main

3864 Boul St-Laurent

While Schwartz's Deli may be more famous, The Main (which is located right across the street) is no slouch in the smoked meat department. The debate over which is better has been raging on for years, making this like a local version of "who's the better Star Trek captain, Kirk or Picard?" One thing that gives The Main the edge to late-night revelers is that it's open until 5am every night.


Photo cred - Dirty Dogs

4. Fameux Viande Fumée Et Charcuterie

4500 Rue Saint-Denis

A staple of Plateau after-hours cuisine (second only to the late, great Rapido). Fameux serves up Quebec-style diner food, smoked meat, poutine, pizza and more. A bonus is that with the old-school decor and booths, Fameux is a nice place you can kick back at with some friends in relative comfort for a late-night eatery.

6. Chez Mein aka 2 Chow

3754 Boul St-Laurent

Why do people call Chez Mein 2 Chow? Because they serve up chow mein (with spring rolls) on the corner of St Laurent and Des Pins that's - you guessed it - two bucks. What's more - it actually tastes great! There's usually a bit of a line (depending on when you go) and you'll have to take it to go, but the service is super quick and a (styrofoam) bowl of hot noodles smothered in peanut sauce really hits the spot after a big night. For 2 bucks you can't go wrong!


Photo cred - St-Viateur Bagel

8. St-Viateur Bagel

263 Rue Saint Viateur O

These eats all sound a little too heavy for a snack after a night of drinking, there's absolutely nothing wrong with popping by St-Viateur Bagel for a bagel or two - which are guaranteed to settle your stomach. They're open 24/7. Heck, grab a baker's dozen and you've got a snack for tomorrow morning too.


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