Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants Where You Can Eat Wild Game Meat

For when you want to eat something different.
Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants Where You Can Eat Wild Game Meat

Quebec is the fourth province in Canada to allow the sale of wild game in restaurantsWild game meat is becoming increasingly sought out by Montreal diners and is welcomed with open arms by some of the finest restaurants in the city.

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1. La Fonderie

964 Rue Rachel E

La Fonderie is a classic fondue restaurant with cheese fondue, Quebec raclette and Chinese-style chicken broth fondue. They offer basic choices like filet mignon, salmon and scallops but their wild game fondue includes ostrich, bison, caribou, red deer, boar and wapiti.


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2. Restaurant Manitoba

271 Rue Saint Zotique O

Restaurant Manitoba is the spot for seasonal Canadian brunch, lunch and dinner. Their chalkboard menu changes constantly as different produce and wild game becomes available. Recently, dinner options included raw elk, rabbit liver pate and deer steak.


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3. La Sauvagine

115 Rue St Paul E

La Sauvagine is a French restaurant that serves wild game including options like a duck trio, buffalo medallions and wild boar with maple syrup.


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4. Joe Beef

2491 Rue Notre Dame O

Joe Beef is one of the most renowned restaurants not only in Montreal, but also in the country. Reservations are encourage far, far in advance. Their menu includes horse steak, cornish hen and fries made in beef fat. Owners Frederic Morin, David McMillan and Allison Cunningham also opened Liverpool House and McKiernan on the same street.


5. Au Pied du Cochon

536 Rue Duluth E

You may have had a taste of Au Pied du Cochon's duck legs and foie gras poutines in their summertime food truck. At their restaurant in the Plateau, the options are much more extensive and include tarragon bison tongue, foie gras terrine and their most famous duck in a can.


Photo cred - Restaurant L'Orignal

6. Restaurant L'Orignal

479 Rue Saint Alexis

Located in Old Montreal, Restaurant L'Orignal changes their menu daily. Depending on the menu, selections may include venison heart tartare, veal liver or a deer chop for two. If you're feeling adventurous, they also offer a tasting menu between Monday and Thursdays.


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