Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants To Go On A Sushi Date

The real key to love, is sushi.
Probably The Best Montreal Restaurants To Go On A Sushi Date

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You can never go wrong with a classic dinner date. Seriously, everybody thinks you gotta get all fancy and go get coffee or brunch, but really, who doesn’t love dinner? And I don’t know about you, but my favourite way to do dinner, is to go get sushi! People don’t just like sushi, they LOVE sushi, so if you suggest the idea to your date, chances are they will be v excited. However the only problem with going out for sushi is that some of the locations can sometimes be a tad sketchy. You want to enjoy the deliciousness, not having to worry if your date is going to get food poisoning. So, we have compiled a list to help you two eat your sashimi stress free.

1. Yuukai Fusion Japonaise

5658, Avenue Du Parc

If you and your date want a little ambiance while you nibble on your California roll, then Yukai is the place for you. They have long booths and wood paneled walls, giving the place a sexy, comfortable atmosphere. The food itself is actually quite bright and colourful. Yukai, a self proclaimed fusion place, likes to play around with their recipes, but I promise it is absolutely delectable everytime.

2. Restaurant Mikasas Sushi Bar

9835 De L'acadie Boul.

When looking for a romantic setting, I’d say Mikasas should be your sushi bar of choice. Everything in the restaurant is tied together with a sleek midnight blue look. They have a bar and exposed brick wall, with vines climbing up the top. The food is plated by the gods and tastes like it too. But, you almost don’t want to bite into it because it’s so pretty. Mikasas is great for any kind of anniversary, birthday, maybe a steamy third date? I always save it for something special.

3. Park Resto

378 Victoria Ave.

Park Resto is the place to try something new. Make sure your date is up for a different kind of sushi flavor, to avoid any confusion and awkwardness if it’s not their style. But personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a mix of Japanese, Korean and Brazilian cuisine. The food still has the sushi flare both you and your date love mixed with a bit more spice and hearty flavor!

4. Jun-i

156 ave. Laurier O.

When I wanna get all prettied up and be taken out somewhere nice, where I know they’ll have bomb food, I will go to Jun-i without hesitation. Going there with a date, makes me feel like a grown-up. The soft lighting and pink flowers completely bring out the Japanese vibe. Taste wise, their food is unmatched. It is so good I end up rolling out of the restaurant…

5. Sushi 999

405, rue Sherbrooke Est

Sushi 999is great when you want a chill date. It’s the perfect place to just talk a chill out. It’s not super fancy, but it’s so clean and the servers are so friendly that you forget how inexpensive the food is. The food is self is so great and dangerously easy to gorge yourself on. All in all, I think this is the perf place for a first date, because of the generally laid back experience I’ve had. I always leave feeling full and happy.

6. Jatoba

1184 Place Phillips

Last but certainly not least is Jatoba. This place is Swanky, with a capital S. If you’re looking to really impress your S.O. this is your secret weapon. Jatoba is another South American, Japanese fusion joint. The set up of this place is incredible; It looks like an after shot on one of the food network renovation shows. And the food is so good I could cry. I’m just sayin’, if I was looking to score some points in my relationship, this would be a good start.

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