Probably The Best Salads In & Around Downtown Montreal

10 different ones to eat at least once in your life.
Probably The Best Salads In & Around Downtown Montreal

Montreal is definitely known for its culinary diversity. With so many awesome burger and poutine hot spots all over Montreal it's easy to forget about healthy meals. After all summer is approaching and we need to get our bodies back in shape. As the weather warms up, Montrealers are on the hunt for healthy yet savory foods and what better fit than a great salad? Yeah I said it - salad! Salads don’t have to be boring, especially not in Montreal. The choices are endless with so many epic mixes like having meat, fish, fruits and veggie salads, you’ll want to try them all. Here are some of the most epic and mouth-watering salads you can find in Montreal.

1. Arts café

201 Avenue Fairmount West

Arts cafe, known for their amazing coffee is also a hot venue for Montrealers to grab a tasty meal at any time of the day. With their original and tasteful menu, there's no surprise that their kale salad is above and beyond. The kale salad is made with combinations you've never seen or tasted before like celery, horseradish, mascarpone, honey crisp apple, wild berries, bacon, a light herb vinaigrette and of course, loads and loads of kale.


2. La Belle et La Boeuf

1620 Rue Ste-Catherine West

Although they're known for their beef, La Belle et La Boeuf can definitely fix up a mean salad. Their Goat cheese salad is light and refreshing. Made with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins and nuts, the contrast of colors are just as powerful as the contrast in flavors. The combination of sweet and salty makes for the ultimate summer meal.


3. Mandy's Salad Bar

5033 Sherbrooke West

When thinking of salads in Montreal, it is inevitable that Mandy's Salad Bar is mentioned. Probably the most well-known restaurant to grab a salad, Mandy's Salad Bar allows you to custom make your very own salads or choose from their elaborate salad menu. With items like the "Smoked Meat Salad" for meat lovers and "The Fave" for vegetarians, Mandy's has something for everyone. Served in adorable plastic containers, you can order your salads to go.


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4. Deville Diner Bar

1425 Rue Stanley

Salads don't only have to be a side dish nor do they have to be boring. The American Diner inspired Deville Diner Bar they definitely take salads to whole new level. Their General Tao salad is on point. It will leave you full and satisfied.


5. Olive et Gourmando

351 Rue Saint Paul O

This adorable little cafe restaurant is the perfect brunch spot for both vegans and carnivores. Their dishes are original and refreshing, especially their #24 salad. With the combination of mixed vegetables, soba noodles and roasted marinated tofu, the #24 salad delivers a punch of flavour with its fresh herbs, fried shallots and pickled daïkon. Topped with peanuts and a sweet and sour dressing, this salad is the definition of delicious.


6. Ma’ tine

1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve East

Probably one of the best restaurant cafes in Montreal, Ma'tine delivers dishes that are both pleasing to the eye and the palate. Always keeping it fresh and new, the menu changes often so each visit is a good one. As for their salad menu, they offer a "salad du jour" which is always a yummy surprise. One of their delicacies is their root vegetable salad with unique dressings like grapefruit puree. Their sophisticated french country cooking never holds back on presentation and flavour.

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7. Ciocaro Sport Bar and Grill

8868 Boul Langelier

This sport bar and grill is definitely the hot spot for both Montreal Italians and of course, any Montrealer who wants above average Italian bar style food. Not typical of most bars, Ciocaro's has a surprisingly wide selection of salads, and all of them are great. Accommodating for both vegetarian, meat eaters and seafood lovers, Ciocaro salads include Tuna, Shrimp, Chicken, Broccoli, Parmesan and Arugula, Salmon and Veal. Whatever your pick , you're guaranteed a tasty and filling salad.


8. Omnivore

4351 Boul St-Laurent

Located in the heart of Montreal, Omnivore is a delicious middle-eastern eatery with a fresh and tasty menu. With authentic Mediterranean meals, this restaurant is definitely the place to go to for flavourful salads. Probably one of the best taboule salads in downtown Montreal. Omnivore uses simple ingredients like parsley, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and lemon to bring flavor to life in your mouth.


Photo cred- Marilyngxo

9. Commerce Bar Gastronomique

500 Rue McGill

Commerce Gastronomique Bar is definitely the place to be for Montreal "Foodies". With unique plates like their Beet Salad and Smoked Salmon Salad, your experience at Commerce Gastronomique Bar is guaranteed to be a great one. These are by far some of the coolest salads at probably one of the hottest restaurants in Montreal for both vegetarians and meat eaters. A Montreal favorite, the Beet salad is made with feta cheese crumble, arugula, beets and a drizzle of maple vinaigrette and will leave you wanting more.


10. Crudessence

105 Rachel Street West

This organic, vegan and gluten free restaurant has become the ultimate hot spot for vegans. Their signature salad- Crudessence Salad is a must have. The salad is made up of a mix of fresh and earthy vegetables like beets, tomatoes, carrots and avocados, a blend of garden greens and is topped with sauerkraut and sprouts. It doesn't end there, the salad is then served with sprouted hummus and crackers and a choice of anyone of their seven dressings.


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