Professional Montreal Model Reveals Her Secrets To A Healthy Body

Eat like a model, look like a model.
Professional Montreal Model Reveals Her Secrets To A Healthy Body

"Do models even eat?" I've heard this question way too many times. So I got in touch with Viktoriya Gera, a professional Montreal model from Dulcedo model management, for a short interview this morning in order to inquire about what it really takes to maintain a slim and healthy body. You might remember Viktoriya from the article titled Montreal Girls Who Should Be Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Here's what Viktoriya's (@viktoriya_gera) meal intake looks like on a regular day:


"First thing I do [as I wake up] is make myself a cup of cappuccino. Believe it or not, but I, usually, don't have breakfast. I know I should and it's healthy, but I can't. I just can't, my body refuses to accept food in the morning. I strongly believe you should listen to your body. We are all unique and what works for some might not work for others."


"In an hour or so after my cappuccino I'll have a banana, or a persimmon (it's the season now and they're so good for your skin!), and nuts."


"I'm obsessed with avocado on toasted rye bread with one soft boiled egg. Rye bread, red caviar and a soft boiled egg also make a great toast. Greek salad or Greek yogurt with banana, berries, granola, and maple sirup are good lunch ideas as well. There are so many yummy and healthy choices."

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"I might have a snack in between lunch and dinner if I feel like it (fruit, vegetables, or nuts)."


"I love to have salmon tartar with a bit of French fries or salad. Baked salmon or baked chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese and salad are good alternatives as well. Also, I love whole wheat fajitas with grilled chicken, vegetables and guacamole. Again, healthy and delicious possibilities are endless. I try to cook everything myself and don't buy processed and ready made food.

I love desert, but try to skip it or eat it in very small quantities. It's a challenge that I'm working on. I never forget to drink 1,5-2 litres of water a day. I hate soft drinks and barely drink juices. I also love smoothies, but don't like having them every day."

Viktoria also works out at the gym three times a week.

"I think everything including exercise and diet should be done in moderation. Going crazy and overdoing things is not healthy in my opinion. Don't forget to enjoy life!"

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