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Proof Canadians Are Getting Scammed And Paying Too Much For Their Cellphones

Living in Canada, you kind of have to accept the fact that cellphone companies are going to gouge your wallet with high prices. 

Since the entire cellphone market is controlled by the "Big Three" (Rogers, Telus, Bell) there's little the average Canadian can do. 

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The Big Three basically set the prices, and without any market competition, they can force us all to pay for some of the highest cellphone bills in the world. 

But it's not quite the same everywhere in Canada. 

Certain provinces actually have companies outside of the Big Three, forcing Rogers, Telus, and Bell to offer more affordable prices. 

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec all have smaller-scale cellphone providers.

And when you take a look at a couple of comparison tables on cellphone prices in those provinces versus the rest of Canada, your anger will definitely soar. 

Take Koodo (owned by Telus) for example. A better plan is half the price in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but not in Alberta, because Koodo doesn't have to deal with market competition in the latter province. 

Same thing goes for the Big Three and the rest of Canada. Just look at the table below. 

Again, this is nothing new to Canadians, or even to us, as we've vented about unfair cellphone prices in Canada before. 

Still, knowing that someone in Manitoba gets the exact same plan as someone in BC, but for half the price, is straight up ridiculous. 

At least here in Quebec Videotron is keeping things mildly affordable.

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