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Protesters Are Padlocking Canada Border Services Offices, Here's Why

More protests are on the way.
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Protesters Are Padlocking Canada Border Services Offices, Here's Why

Yesterday, the Montreal offices of the Canadian Border Services Agency were shut down by activists.

Protestors padlocked the doors to the CBSA office building, preventing employess from either entering or exiting through the front door.

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Now, they're calling on other Canadians to take similar actions with the hashtag #shutdownCBSA.

At issue: deporations.

While much media attention has been devoted to the crisis at the United States' border with Mexico, including human rights abuses condemned by the international community, Canada, too, enforces often brutal immigration laws.

Protestors outside the CBSA are specifically calling attention to the death of Bolante Idowu Alo, who died under mysterious circumstances while Canadian border agents were attempting to deport him in Calgary.

Officials have been tight-lipped about exactly what happened. But what's certain is that Alo was desperate not to return to Nigeria, according to The Star Calgary.

The influx of asylum-seekers has also been a contentious topic in current Canadian political discourse. While the Canadian government should offer support to people seeking safety, refuge, and opportunity, many have resented what they wrongly perceive as a threat to Canadian security.

One woman from a right-wing group even heckled Justin Trudeau over the issue. But he had no patience for her racism and quickly shut her down.

Activists vow to continue their protests. Though there's no word yet about where and how those efforts will next manifest.

Stay tuned.


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