Quebec's Restrictions On Alcohol May Soon Be Relaxed

Supreme Court may overturn restrictive legislation.
Quebec's Restrictions On Alcohol May Soon Be Relaxed

Soon, you may be able to purchase and transport liquor from province to province, without fear of being penalized.

Previously, such free movement of alcohol was restricted by New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario.

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The law gained visibility, five years ago, when the RCMP arrested Gérard Comeau after he returned from New Brunswick with beer from Quebec. He was fined for violating a law that limits the amount of alcohol that residents of New Brunswick are allowed to purchase in other provinces.

Most Canadians who have heard of the "Comeau Affair" are sympathetic towards him and wanted him to win the case. A survey put that number at 78%.

The removal of provincial restrictions would go a long way towards making alcohol more freely available, and at lower prices. It could also affect the imminent legalization of marijuana.

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