Pumpkin Pie Spiced Peanut Butter? Yes, Pumpkin Pie Spiced Peanut Butter


Photo cred - @kelly_flab2fab

Fall should simply be renamed Pumpkin Spice Season. All the caffeine addicts clamor for their PSL's, sweet freaks gorge on legit pumpkin pie, and food products of every kind get pumpkin spice-ified, making pumpkin pie spice the flavour-embodiment of the season. One such PPS creation is Jif's recrently released limited edition Whips Pumpkin Pie Spice flavoured peanut butter.

Flavoured peanut butter has been done before, so it isn't that surprising that Jif would capitlize on everyone's PPS addiction and make a product to alleviate everyone's cravings. And thank God they did. With a jar of this Jif on hand, you can literally turn anything into a PPS delectable...or, you know, take shameful spoonfuls from the jar.

We'll have to keep this magical Jif in the realm of food porn, as the brand of peanut butter isn't available in Canada. You can take matters into your own hands, though, and order some on Amazon, because peanut butter and pumpkin pie spice is just too delicious sounding to pass up. Smear on some toast and pair with a PSL and you have a Fall breakfast of champions.

Or wait: a pumpkin-peanut butter pie!?!? I've found my Thanksgiving dessert. I'll save y'all a slice, but until then, take a look at Jif Whips Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Spice Spice peanut butte below.

Photo creds - Junk Food Guy

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