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Pumpkin Spice Thai-Rolled Ice Cream Can Be Found At This Unique Montreal Spot

When you crave fall, but it's still summer.
Pumpkin Spice Thai-Rolled Ice Cream Can Be Found At This Unique Montreal Spot

Although fall is right around the corner, technically, it's still summer. It's actually summer until September 21st. And if this September is anything like last year's –crosses fingers –  it will be tank top and short shorts weather until October! 

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September is a period oftransition; you want "pumpkin everything" but sometimes a classic latte is too hot when an Indian summer blows through the city. Places like Tim Hortons have already created some summer to autumn transition drinks with their PSL iced cappuccino. 

That said, we got the inside scoop on a Montreal-based ice cream spot that is creating a pumpkin spice flavor for their homemade Thai rolled ice cream.

Pandan Cremerie is a fantastic local ice cream shop located on Notre Dame Street right near the Atwater Market. It's the only rolled ice cream shop in town that specializes in locally sourced dairy and 100% natural ingredients. They are also super creative and inventive and are continually developing new tastebud-tingling gourmet flavors for Montreal ice cream-lovers to sample. 

The "toppings" game at Pandan is also one of the best in town. Toppings are made and selected with a lot of TLC, and baked good like cookie toppings are handmade and baked in-house. 

The result is a fragrant rolled ice cream that tastes deliciously natural; not excessively sweet or manufactured in that synthetic way that just makes you need to chug three glasses of water after. 

Oh, and they are super photogenic too! Evidence below:

@cremeriepandanembedded via  

The pumpkin spice flavour is going to be available - for a limited time - as of today! And you will be able to get it all of labor day weekend.

Check out Pandan Cremerie's Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE for more info!

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