Puppies You Can Adopt In Montreal This June 2015

Get yourself a furry friend.
Puppies You Can Adopt In Montreal This June 2015

It's finally June and while for most people that means sunshine and summertime, it also means that shelters are getting more and more full with an increased number of stray and surrendered animals.

Now, the thought of getting your very own puppy is always exciting, but the thought of saving one of these little in-need fluffballs? It's enough to wrench even the toughest of hearts. So if you're looking for a new furry best friend, take a look at these adorable bundles of love and consider giving one of them a chance.


By far the most stylish puppy up for adoption (see photo), Puddles the pitbull mix is looking to become your new best friend. He's housetrained and listens well to commands. He does, however, have some issues with the joints in his legs and needs some at home physical therapy, which helps him immensely. For more information on Puddles, click here.


According to her adoption page, this little labrador retriever mix is in need of putting on some weight, so if you've been looking for an eating buddy, here she is. Millie is extremely friendly and would make a great family dog. She's got one of those faces that you can't help but fall in love with. For more info on adopting Millie, click here.


Like her name suggests, Tornade is a big whirlwind of energy. She's a 7 month-old boxer mix who, because she's still a baby, needs someone who's willing to put time into her training. She loves going out to get exercise and also likes other dogs, cats and kids. For more information on adopting Tornade, click here.

Photo Cred - Petfinder


Lily is a 3-year-old pekingese pomeranian mix, who isn't your typical small dog. She's calm and doesn't bark unnecessarily. She LOVES walks and is super sweet, getting along with other dogs perfectly. Cats and birds on the other hand are, in her eyes, simply toys for her to chase. For a very thorough and detailed description of Lily, click here.


Carrie is a incredibly sweet and gentle labrador retriever mix who would make a great companion. She's around 1-2 years old, is great with other dogs and is okay with cats. Carrie was tested and came out heart worm positive but she went through treatments earlier this year. Check out how to adopt Carrie here.


Despite his tough sounding name, Crypto has the sweetest little face with piercing blue eyes that you can't help but fall in love with. He's a boxer and husky mix who's currently at the SPCA Canadienne. For more information on adopting Crypto, click here.


This 2 year-old ball of energy is a Bernese mountain dog and rotweiler mix who absolutely loves to play. He's used to crates so he could easily live in an apartment. He's extremely friendly but sometimes forgets how big he is, so he shouldn't be in a home with kids under the age of 8. For more info on Sampson, click here.


Maxou is an adorable 3 year-old Boston terrier and beagle mix. This little guy, like many Montrealers, can be a bit sensitive, so he needs a family that's going to give him a calm environment. Click here for more information on Maxou.

Photo Cred - Petfinder


Look at that face! Just look at it. It's probably the cutest thing you'll see all day. The owner of that adorable face is Jack, the german shepherd. He's a very chill 5 year-old dog who loves to play almost just as much as he loves to cuddle with his humans. For more information on adopting Jack, click here.


Ares is a heartbreakingly cute 5 month-old labrador retriever and american staffordshire terrier mix, who was abandoned by a family who didn't have time for him. He's a very smart puppy, but still needs some training. He likes to play with both other dogs and people. Check out more information on Ares here.

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