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'Puppy Bouquets' Are Finally Available In Montreal!

Finally an original Valentine's Day gift.
'Puppy Bouquets' Are Finally Available In Montreal!

Valentine's day gifts are always the same. Flowers, chocolate, lingerie and jewelery. So do something original this year and give your significant other a bouquet of puppies.

No, not real puppies. What are you insane? That would be the most impractical gift ever.

Take it from someone who has never managed to keep a plant alive for more than a day, flowers die. But you'll never have to water this bouquet, it will stay just as fresh and bright as it did the day you bought it. And the best part is that it's actually cheaper than flowers.

Don't like puppies? You might be crazy but fine, I'll play along. 

You can always just choose one of these instead:

Click here for the Bouquet of Puppies, hurry before they're sold out!

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