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Putting Butter In Your Coffee Is The Ultimate Boost To Your Day

This is not a joke.
Putting Butter In Your Coffee Is The Ultimate Boost To Your Day

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Adding a bunch of butter to anything we eat/drink isn't the healthiest food choice. Delicious in most cases, yes, just not altogether good for you. Or so we thought, apparently.

Bulletproof coffee is the new craze in the world of caffeine, which involves (you guessed it) adding a couple of tablespoons of butter to your morning brew. Strange sounding yes, but things get weieder when you hear the supposed health benefits, as the butter-filled coffee is supposed to curb hunger, give you 6 hours of energy, and make your body burn fat. Adding fat to burn fat? Yeah, we're confused too.

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee Dave Asprey claims he lost 100 pounds, boosted his IQ 12 points, and can funtion off of less than 5 hours of sleep, all thanks to his coffee blend, which he was inspired to create Tibet on a mountain in Tibet after trying Yak butter tea from a local.

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The "science" behind Bulletproof Coffee claims that by putting butter (gotta be from grass-fed cows) will provide your body with "good fats" right when you wake up, and as a breakfast replacement, it will prompt your being to burn fat all throughout the day. Bulletproof's signature blend does require you use the company's special beans, so don't think you'll get a fat-burning "crashless" cup of coffee by throwing butter into your Tim Hortons, that'd be too easy.

Some nutritionists are more than a little skeptical of BP Coffee, which is very understandable. Nutrition researcher Kris Gunnars told CTV that by having butter-coffee for breakfast, you're depriving your body of a morning meal that's actually nutritious. There's also the risk of raising cholesterol levels by ingesting all the saturated fats from butter.

Bulletproof Coffee seems a 'lil too good to be true, though we've yet to try and can't say yay or nay on whether it actually works. See for yourself and head over to the official website. Just expect some strange glares if you're putting a few nobs of butter in your coffee at work.

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